REP Goaltending

Resiliency Excellence Passion

What is Offered?
We are currently offering 3 small group programs tailored to goalies from Mites through
High School.

Group 1: Peewees/Bantams/High School
Group 2: Squirts/Peewees
Group 3: Mites/Squirts

Groups 1 and 2 offer comprehensive on and off ice training, and group 3 only includes
on-ice training.

In addition to our small group format, one on one training will be offered. This training
complements the small group programs but is offered to all goalies.

REP Program Details

● Low cost per hour of training in both individualized and small group
formats, paired with high-end training
● Offers a unique combination of small group training and individualized
training in off-ice, on-ice, and film review sessions
● Discounts on individualized training with small group programs
● Weekly Newsletters to recap and supplement training

Want to Learn More?

Visit Our Website: REP Goaltending Program

Further Questions:
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