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Squirt Teams

Pre-Season Squirt Clinics (2017)

The Pre-Season clinics for Squirts will begin in late September.  Registered Squirts will be divided into two groups based on their Last Name.  These groups will also be used for the first two sessions of tryouts. 

Pre-Season clinics begin on 9/22.

2017-2018 Squirt Tryouts

Tryouts will consist of 4 sessions beginning on the week of October 9th.  Tryout nights will be Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri.  After the 2nd night of tryouts, the groups will be separated by scores and players re-assigned for the last two days.  Teams will be selected and posted to the website within 1 day of the final tryout.

A tryout jersey will be provided.  All skaters must wear Buffalo/black/or white socks and remove all stickers from their helmets.

2017-2018 Squirt Teams

With the addition of the Annandale skaters this season we will have enough Squirt players for 5 teams.   We will be following the District 5 recommendations with 2 Equal B2 teams.  Within District 5 there is a Black division and a Blue division.  The B1 teams are in the Black and the B2's are in the Blue, however they do play games against each other as well.

  1. Squirt A
  2. Squirt B1 (black)
  3. Squirt B2 (purple)
  4. Squirt B2 (white)
  5. Squirt C

Talion Kubu

Squirt Co-Coordinator

Ryan Lenton

Squirt Co-Coordinator

Recent Squirt Teams News

Tryout Procedures

Tryout Procedure document is contained within the Tryout location of the website.

BYHA Handbook

This is a nice resource and can answer many questions that you may have.