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2023/24 Tryouts have been completed!

Good luck this season!  GO BISON!

If you have any questions about the tryout process, please reach out to the Tryout Coordinators via the contact buttons below.

Boys Clinic and Tryout Groups

Girls Clinic and Tryout Schedule

Girls are not split up into groups like the boys teams due to numbers, so please attend your proper age level clinics and Evaluations.  If you have any questions please reach out to Josh Hawkinson or Brent Danzeisen, Tryout Coordinators.

Boys Clinic and Tryout Schedule


Hello Buffalo Hockey Families!!

The Hockey season is upon us and the tryouts are fast approaching!  We are looking forward to a fun Hockey season.   The tryout process will be closed for the tryout sessions only, just like last year.  If you are a squirt family, you will be allowed to help get your players skates good and tight but once that is done you will need to leave the arena and wait for your skater to come out after their session is complete, that will only be for the tryout portion.  If you want to, you can watch the clinic sessions.  We as an organization strive to make the process of tryouts a good experience for all the skaters to get them excited for the upcoming season and to also to set them up for success and growth on and off the ice!

We pride ourselves in getting impartial evaluators that know the game of Hockey!  All of our volunteer evaluators are experienced in playing, coaching or both at the level or above the level that they are evaluating.  We also make it a point to have evaluators that do not have "on-ice ties", meaning they do not have a skater on the ice in the levels they are evaluating.  The only exception to that rule is the top level coach in each age group is one of the evaluators, that has been approved by the BYHA Board of Directors.

Objectives for the Tryout process are listed below.

  1. To provide a fair and impartial assessment of a player’s total hockey skills during the session(s)
  2. To provide uniformity and consistency in the evaluation process.  Player and parent expectations are consistent from year to year as players move through the various levels of the association’s program.
  3. To form teams to maintain balanced and competitive play where the players can develop and participate equitably and have fun playing hockey during the season.


Some important things to keep in mind during the tryout process.


  • Helmets need to be sticker free, that means take off ALL stickers on the helmet from last year, and if you played on a summer team those need to be removed as well prior to the first day of tryouts.


  • Only Buffalo Hockey Colors will be allowed for socks.  They can be any combination of the following colors, Purple, Black, White, Grey. NO OTHER COLORS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE ICE.


  • If family members are in the same age level and the parents request that they are on the same team they will be placed on the lowest qualifying team. For Example: Andy and Bobby are both Pee Wee’s and Andy scores to make the A team and Bobby scores to make the B1 team both will be placed on the B1 team.  If a parent does not request same team players will be placed on what ever team their score dictates.



  • If a skater cannot attend a tryout session or sessions due to illness or injury a physician’s statement/slip is required for an excused absence.  A fall school sport that may interfere with tryouts is an excused absence.  If the illness or injury prevents a skater from participating in 50% of the tryout sessions, the skater will be placed on the lowest team, upon being cleared to skate, for 1 to 4 practices at each level (approximately 2 weeks) and will be evaluated as to where their final team placement will be.  The decision of placement will be determined by the head coach of the affected teams.  During the trial period, those that are already at that level will not move down.  Also during the trial period, skaters at that level have the opportunity to move up to a higher level. Other exigent circumstances precluding a player from attending any and/or all tryout session(s) will be addressed by the BYHA President and HOC V.P.


  • Whether you realize it or not our kids feel the pressure of tryouts. During the tryout process it is important for parents to provide support and be positive. Tell your son or daughter that you are proud of them, do the best that they can, and have fun. There will be disappointments. As a parent you need to remember that the words you chose and feelings you reflect to your child will have a lasting impact. Please be positive and not critical of the process. Criticism may be brought at a later time by following proper channels. In the meantime, your son or daughter must prepare to play the season on the team they were selected to be on. Please help them get off on the right foot.

Josh Hawkinson

Tryout Co-Coordinator

Brent Danzeisen

Tryout Co-coordinator

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