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Hockey Operations Comittee

What is the HOC?

Throughout the season the term HOC comes up in conversation from time to time around the glass at the rink or in the newsletter.  HOC is an acronym for Hockey Operations Committee. 
The HOC is responsible for all on-ice player development as well as coaching development.  In all aspects, this separate committee will report to the BYHA Board of Directors and all recommendations and proposals will be passed through to the BYHA Board of Directors for approval.
Currently there are ten positions on the HOC; including, Vice President,
Player Development Coordinator A/B/C Coordinator, A.C.E/Coaching Coordinator, Girls’ Coordinator, Tryout Coordinator, Squirt Coordinator, Mite/8U Coordinator, Ice Schedule Coordinator, and Tournament Coordinator.  In addition, both boys & girls high school coaches attend the meetings.  Meetings are conducted prior to the Board of Director’s monthly meeting. 
If you are interested in being part of the HOC, or you have any questions, please contact HOC Vice President.

Open HOC Positions

We have the following positions open on the HOC:

  • Mite Co-Coordinator
  • Squirt Co-Coordinator (1 year term)
  • Squirt Co-Coordinator (2 year term)
  • Ice Scheduler
  • SafeSport Coordinator

If you are interested in making a commitment to this position, please submit your request to Yuri.

*Applications are found on the HOC webpage.

Hockey Operations Committee

The operations committee meets at 7:00pm the first Sunday of the Month at the Buffalo Civic Center.

HOC Meeting Agenda

Committee Members

All HOC Members

Group Email Link

Yuri Preugschas

HOC VP (Term Expires May 2020)

Phone: 763-258-3594

Paul Heyerdahl

Coaching Coordinator (Term Expires May 2020)

Thomas Johnson

Player Development Coordinator (Term Expires 2021)

Jamie Johnson

Player Development Assistant (Term Expires 2021)

Jon Varner

Goalie Development (Term Expires May 2020)

Scott Winter

Tryout Co-Coordinator (Term Expires May 2020)

Mark Lemen

Tryout Co-Coordinator (Term Expires May 2020)

Yuri Preugschas

Squirt Co-Coordinator (Term Expires May 2020)

John Reynolds

ABC Coordinator (Term Expires May 2020)

Jenny Sabetti

Tournament Director (Term Expires May 2020)

Phone: 612-708-7701

Matt Frolik

Jr. Gold Coordinator

Lena Gawtry

BYHA President & Safesport Coordinator

Phone: 612-386-1104

Wes Asleson

Mite/8U Co-Coordinator (Term Expires May 2020)

Phone: 612-868-0019

OPEN Position

Mite/8U Co-Coordinator (Term Expires May 2021)

David Schmidt

Girls Coordinator (Term Expires May 2020)

Nicole Grahek

Ice Scheduler (Term Expires May 2021)

Aaron Johnson

Boys HS Head Coach

Dave Carothers

Girls HS Head Coach