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Coaches Corner

Welcome to the BYHA Coaches Corner!  The Coaches Corner is a place to enhance your sports education. The goal of this area is to assist you in developing better players and better people for future success at whatever level you might be coaching at. 

Coaches MUST have ALL of the following done BEFORE being allowed to participate in team activities:

  • Be Registered with USA Hockey and the BYHA
  • Have their Safesport Certification, Background Check, Concussion Certification and Age Appropriate Modules Completed  

We cannot roster you to a team until these requirements are met.  You will not be allowed to be on the bench for games until you are officially rostered.

CEP Classes must be completed by 12/31/23 or you will be red-lined.  You will also not receive DIBS credit for coaching if you get red lined.

Coaches Registration Requirements

1.) Obtain a USA Hockey Member Number.

2.) Complete your BYHA Online Coaches Registration.

3.) Complete the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) Certification/Re-certification process by attending a classroom or online clinic.

4.) Complete your SAFESPORT Training. (Certification needs to be completed each season.)

5.) Complete a Background Screening. (This needs to be completed every other year)

6.) Complete Concussion Training.

7.) Once you complete the USA Hockey CEP and Age-Specific Module, verify your CEP number and name on the USA Hockey Online Coaching Certification List, that the expiration date is after December 31st of the current year, and the code for the Age-Specific Module appears for your name.

8.) Read the USA Hockey Coaching Ethics Code and Minnesota Hockey District 5 Coaching Guidelines.  Then read and sign the Coaching Ethics Code Agreement form.

Although there is a system of checking which coaches have fulfilled their requirements, the responsibility of whether or not a coach has completed the necessary requirements lies with the coaches themselves

More detailed information on requirements can be found at 

Age-Specific Modules

Complete the USA Hockey Online Age-Specific Module.

***Coaches must be current members of USA Hockey in order to register for the modules.

2023 Pre Season Clinic Sign-up and Practice Plans

We need many coaches helping to make the most of each level's on-ice time before tryouts begin.  Please check back as schedules get announced for the 2023-2024 pre-season clinics as we'll need help staffing these. 

Coaching Resources:

Use this link to the USA Hockey website for an assortment of Coaching Resources on dryland training, on-ice practice plans, small area games, goaltending specific drills, and other player skill and developement information specifically for coaches.

Dryland Training :

USA Hockey developed various Dryland Training games, plans and resources by age group.

Pre-prepared On-Ice Practice Plans:

Already Prepared Practice Plans from USA Hockey divided by age group.

Goaltender Development

Use this link for Goaltender specific resources such as on and off-ice drills, practice plans, equipment and skills.

Small Area Games

Watch the USA Hockey Instructional You Tube Video on Small Area Games.

Ryan Otto

Coaching Co-Coordinator

Mark Lemen

Coaching Co-Coordinator

MN Hockey Coaching Guidelines and D5 Handbook

Coaching Ethics Code Agreement

Attached are the USA Hockey Coaching Ethics Code and Minnesota Hockey District 5 Coaching Guidelines.  Read these and then sign the Coaching Ethics Code Agreement Form.

SafeSport Training

Safe Sport Program is the online training/education that is available to help USA Hockey members become aware of the information necessary to prevent abuse from occurring in the sport.

SafeSport Certification must be completed each season.

Use the following link to complete the SafeSport Training.

Concussion Guide, Certificate and Forms

Check Your Coaches Certification

Follow the link to the Coaches Certification page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to search for your certifications. 

Please enter just your last name or just your CEP # to start your search. Please enter as little information as possible in the search fields. 


Schedule additional dryland via the BYHA Dryland Calendar