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2018 Quick Updates

Pre - Season Clinics / Tryout groups are posted on their perspective group areas.    Please get your calendar update for Pre Season Clinics AND Tryout times.  

Tryout Survival Guide -  BYHA traveling team tryouts.

Welcome to the 2018/2019 season.   We look forward to another great year of hockey games, skills development and player growth on and off the ice. 

First, Information Logistics and Player tactical needs for Tryouts…   

  • Skaters – Please be sure to remove helmet stickers and wear black/purple/white socks during tryouts
  • Goalies – It is mandatory that all goalies need attend both Tryout Sessions for their age group. 
    Also all goalies need to be there for the goalie tryout on the September 27th, 2018
  • Tryout information can be found on our BYHA website

Second, Here is what you can expect this year during the tryout process.  

  1. Everyone that is coaching on ice running the drills for the skaters and the evaluators are volunteers.   If you want to be part of the process or change the process then please contact Scott Winter and we will see that your input and time will be well spent improving the process.
  2. If you decide to watch evaluations please be aware that there are usually 2 groups at different times.    Here is my input on what parents should do during tryouts:
    1. Drop off your skater early enough so they can get their jerseys and get into the locker room with plenty of time.   (Double check gear before getting to the rink, Bring water! )
    2. Make sure they have good rest and are eating properly. 
    3. Skaters put enough pressure on themselves to do well.   Be supportive on whatever happens and encourage them to keep trying if they are having a bad day. 
    4. Go do something constructive besides watch tryouts with th3 60-90 minutes while your skater is on the ice.
    5. If you decide to stay please do not have any contact with evaluators or on ice coaches.
  3. On ice coaches are there to run the practice plan – they do not evaluate skaters.
    1. There is constant communication between evaluators themselves and the coaches on the ice.   (this is expected and encouraged)

Third, If there is something going on that you don’t understand please ask one of the coordinators, or a person at the front table.  This will be the best way to get the answers that you need.

LAST but not least!  - We need people to be in the locker room monitoring skaters to ensure we get the year started right.   PLEASE volunteer your time for Tryout hours… it is a great way to meet people and start to learn more about the process. 


Scott Winter – BYHA Tryout Coordinator

Updated Sept 21st 2018 - SW 

BYHA 2018 Tryout Dates

Tues    10/02/2018    5:00 PM            6:15 PM    10U    Tryout
Thr    10/04/2018    5:00 PM            6:15 PM    10U    Tryout
Sat    10/06/2018    12:00 PM    1:15 PM    10U    Tryout/Scrimmage

U12: (Note this may not be needed based on Registration) 
Wed    10/03/2018    6:30 PM            7:45 PM    12U    Tryout
Fri    10/05/2018    5:00 PM            6:15 PM    12U     Tryout
Sun    10/07/2018    11:00 AM    12:15PM    12U Tryout/Scrimmage

Mon    10/01/2018    6:30 PM    7:45 PM    PW1    Tryout        
Mon    10/01/2018    8:00 PM    9:15 PM    PW2    Tryout         
Thr    10/04/2018    6:30 PM 7:45 PM    PW2    Tryout        
Thr    10/04/2018    8:00 PM    9:15 PM    PW1    Tryout         
Sat    10/06/2018    1:30 PM    2:45 PM    PW1    A/B1 Split     
Sat    10/06/2018    3:00 PM    4:15 PM    PW2    B1/B2 Split     
Sun    10/07/2018    12:30 PM1:45 PM    PW1    Scrim:A/B1    
Sun    10/07/2018    2:00 PM    3:15 PM    PW2    Scrim:B1/B2

Tues    10/02/2018        6:30 PM    7:45 PM    Ban1    Tryout     
Tues    10/02/2018        8:00 PM    9:15 PM    Ban2    Tryout    
Fri    10/05/2018        6:30 PM    7:45 PM    Ban2    Tryout        
Fri    10/05/2018        8:00 PM    9:15 PM    Ban1    Tryout        
Sat    10/06/2018        4:30 PM    5:45 PM    Ban1    A/B1 Split         
Sat    10/06/2018        6:00 PM    7:15 PM    Ban2    B1/B2 Split         
Sun    10/07/2018        3:30 PM    4:45 PM    Ban1    Scrim:A/B1        
Sun    10/07/2018        5:00 PM    6:15 PM    Ban2    Scrim:B1/B2

Updated Aug 31st 2018 - SW

Squirt Evaluation information can be found on the Squirt Team home page.


Scott Winter

Tryout Co-Coordinator

Mark Lemen

Tryout Co-Coordinator