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What is a 30-30-30 Practice?

By Todd Barton, 10/05/16, 2:00PM CDT



The calendar shows that you have a practice scheduled for 1hr 30 minutes and it is shown as 30-30-30, what does that mean??


The first team shown on the calendar entry (for this example Squirt A) has solo ice for the first 30 minutes of the practice, then the second team (Squirt B Purple) comes on the ice for 30 minutes of half ice practice, and lastly the Team listed second (Squirt B Purple) finishes the last 30 minutes of the ice time with Full ice.

Ice time example 4:45 - 6:15

  1. Squirt A solo ice 4:45-5:15
  2. Squirt A and Squirt B Purple shared ice 5:15-5:45
  3. Squirt B Purple solo ice 5:45-6:15